Megawats started when...

Megan and Watson met the summer of 2013 in Long Island, NY. Megan was a tennis instructor and Watson had just returned from a summer job as a cook / packer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. Megan's graceful backhand was a swoon for Watson and Watson's chaco tan sparked Megan's eye. They soon started dating and after the passing of Watson's mother in April of 2014 the two moved in together in Long Island. To clear the air after such a tragedy they embarked for a life on the road in their "trusty" 1986 VW Westfalia Weekender Vanagon named "The Frog." It took them to many places throughout the US of A, from desolation canyon on the Green River, to the back woods of Idaho, through the verdant canyons of Zion to the tip of Baja where their family grew to three with the addition of baby Muneca, a Mexican standard issue fluff. The Frog had some breakdowns but they enjoyed  the freedom of the road so much it was time to sell the Frog and look for something a bit bigger to accommodate for a growing furry family and maybe some room for an interior shower / toilet (head) and closet. 

Fast forward some months to the summer of 2015. Watson's late mother left him and his sister a house. Watson spend the summer fixing up the house, getting it ready for a long term rental. In late summer Osoblanco, the 2012 Freightliner Sprinter 4x4 was driven across country to start on the interior. After countless weeks of design and months building out the interior they were ready to hit the road for their maiden voyage in May of 2016 with new puppy, Papi the Boykin Spaniel and feisty Muneca. Using shared rental income to keep them afloat, the journey up to Alaska and back down to Colorado for their nuptials began. Upon fall they headed for the Arizona desert and down for Christmas in Baja. Here they stand braving the cold of winter down in the Baja sun, enjoying sun, sand, surf and of course lots of love in their tiny mobile home. Come summer the Megawats family will grow to five. This time a real baby!! And no the baby wont be born in the van. Currently they are looking for non-mobile home to raise the baby, at least for six months.